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Update History




  • In the WebGL version, added scrollbars in the editor
  • Added an exit button from the editor to the list of tabs
  • Any settings (showing styles, location of guides, etc.) are synchronized between the browsers from which you log in, useful if you work from different devices (available on any paid subscription)
  • Prohibited auto-translation of the page by the browser




  • Corrected layout for laptops and small screens
  • Corrected the inclusion of guides in Canvas
  • Added custom guides to WebGL; On the guides tab, you need to enable their display; To create, click on the ruler near the edge of the layout and drag.
  • Made adjustments to the rulers for the guides, now they will, if possible, not be displayed behind the screen.




  • Added a new way to display in the editor, based on WebGL.
  • Added blending modes between layers in the new render
  • Added a ruler in the new render, displayed at the top and left of the screen
  • In the new render, you can select the guides from Photoshop and measure from the distance from them, holding ctrl
  • In the new render, the selected guides show their position
  • In the new render, the checkerboard background is just below the layout, like in Photoshop
  • Fixed scrolling speed in firefox
  • Added a hand tool to move the layout
  • Added hotkeys to the tool icons in the name by which they are activated (only works on subscription)
  • Enabled the use of blending modes in clipping mask




  • New payment system




  • Fixed 3 types of errors due to which the layout could not be processed
  • For text layers changed box-shadow to text-shadow
  • Fixed a bug when, if there was an icon font in normal text, the text could not be copied
  • Removed technical symbols from font names: "LT", "MT", "FF", "EF"
  • Translated camelCase font names to normal: TimesNewRoman -> ‘Times New Roman’
  • Fixed a bug where the word "roman" was removed from the "times new roman" font
  • Added the ability to subscribe for up to 4 months in one payment
  • Added more options for choosing an available seat on a VIP subscription
  • Displayed the progress of parsing the layout
  • Displayed the position of the layout in the processing queue
  • Added correction for eyedropper on zoomed systems
  • Removed the possible conversion of png into 1 bit format




  • Server improvements




  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the outline was not drawn
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases cropped layers were not displayed
  • Fixed 5 types of errors that interfered with layout parsing




  • Reworked subscription fees to comply with new laws
  • Added support for artboards
  • Added getting style for shapes with gradient fill or pattern in cases where there is no stroke
  • Added scaling option for gradient effect
  • Added "Inner Shadow" effect
  • Slightly improved the shadow drawing algorithm




  • Added scaling and offset for the pattern
  • Added the remaining 14 blend modes
  • Corrected styles of pseudo-bold and pseudo-italic texts
  • Optimized parsing, significantly reducing RAM usage
  • Added alternative options for images (toggled by the button with the arrow icon in the list of layers or near the image):

    for layers with a clipping mask, cropped and full are available; for layers with effects, pictures are available before and after applying effects;
  • Fixed a case where the text size could be 0




  • Improved handling of masks




  • Added new blend modes: hue, saturation, color, luminosity
  • Improved masking: vector and layer mask
  • Added reading of colors in grayScale format
  • Fixed flashing warning about old layout version




  • Added payment system selection




  • Added payment via Unitpay




  • Added payment via ЮKassa




  • Fixed a bug where the image name was not entered when downloading
  • Added mask coordinates correction
  • Added a check for a mask when cropping transparent pixels
  • Added unsupported format status
  • Added file status without maximum support
  • Added extended descriptions for statuses
  • Added style quotes for multi-word fonts
  • Added transparency overlay from folder to child layers
  • Added paid subscriptions
  • Displayed the file size on upload
  • Added automatic deletion of layouts that have not been opened for a long time




  • Added Blending Modes
  • Added new stroke algorithm
  • Added outer stroke
  • Added gradient and pattern stroke
  • The border around the element now respects the shadow size
  • Added character text for fontAwesome
  • Added a notification if the layout is processed in the old version of the parser
  • Fixed a condition where sometimes the layer mask was not read
  • Returned jivosite
  • Removed '.0px' (where I noticed)
  • Increased session time to 8 hours
  • Fixed a bug where text was copied along with styles
  • Fixed a bug where hidden layers fell into the final layer when cropping




  • Added a section with articles




  • Fixed a bug where guides from Photoshop were not displayed




  • Added English localization
  • Fixed a bug where the image was not downloaded after reopening the form
  • Removed the ability to download 0 layers
  • Added reset cache for scripts on update




  • Moved the main window with layers to canvas
  • Removed scroll elements, now navigation is carried out in this way:

    Up and down - scrolling with the mouse Left-right - scrolling with the mouse holding shift
  • Added scaling of the layout by scrolling the mouse while holding ctrl
  • While holding down the spacebar, you can drag the layout with the mouse (hand tool)